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Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity that adds value and improves an organization's operations by bringing a systematic approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of the governance processes, risk management, and control environment.

Mandates include: operational, cost reduction, governance, third party relationships, and financial reporting. Valued internal auditors serve as trusted business advisors to senior management and often are deeply embedded in the most important business activities.

Q4 Consult can help you with your internal audit needs. Contact us to see how we can tailor our services to best help you meet your business objectives.


Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliance with regulations is not an option. Over the past few decades, the sheer volume and complexity of new local and internal legislation and the related penalties have made compliance activities a key focus of senior management.

As failure to comply may lead to financial sanctions, legal penalties and reputational risks, it has become more imperative to adequately manage and stay ahead of the constantly shifting regulatory landscape.

Q4 Consult can help you with your  compliance needs. Contact us to see how we can tailor our services to best help you mitigate your compliance risks.

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Risk Mitigation

Regulatory requirements, operational disruptions, and risks from third parties are areas that are complex, expensive, and damaging to an organization's reputation.

An integrated risk management framework can help your company to address risks and even gain a competitive advantage. We are here to help you manage these risks and ensure you remain on-side.

Q4 Consult can help you with your risk management needs. Contact us to see how we can tailor our services to best help you mitigate your business risks.

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Internal Control Management

A strong internal control environment is the foundation of the audit profession, and its importance cannot be emphasized enough.

Companies implement robust internal controls to ensure the financial integrity of transactions, to safeguard assets, to prevent fraud, and to monitor performance.

Q4 Consult can help ensure that your internal controls framework meets your business and regulatory requirements.


Fraud Investigations

Frauds and financial crime occur regularly and they take its toll on organizations and on society. Frauds occur in every industry you work in, and you are at risk of fraud schemes from employees, clients, vendors and other malicious actors.

Fraud investigations aim to uncover what  occurred, by whom and how. If a poor fraud investigation is conducted you’re at risk of failing to recover losses and you can also face reputational damages or fines. 

Q4 Consult can ensure that your organization has robust anti-fraud procedures and internal controls to detect and mitigate fraud. We also perform detailed and complex fraud investigations that are thorough, timely, accurate and compliant.

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Training & Coaching

Our courses include: conducting risk-based internal audits, monitoring strategic risks, advanced report writing, conducting fraud investigations, negotiation skills for internal auditors, and identifying fraud red flags.

For training or coaching solutions tailored to your industry and needs, please contact us.

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